Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cherry Apple and Nutella Macarons

Let me begin this post by saying:



Ahem. Now that we've gone over how SPAIN WON THE WORLD CUP, I can start this post. It's a short one, because I'm leaving on vacation on Tuesday and am not packed yet at all. So! Macarons? Yes. Cherries and apples? Yes. Nutella? Yes. More detailed posts and recipes on macarons when I get back? I promise. But for now, please enjoy these delicious (and I mean seriously delicious) cherry and apple macarons.

See you in two weeks!

Your Baking Soundtrack for Cherry Apple and Nutella Macarons:
Waka Waka (Single), Shakira
Do I even have to talk about this one? I have a massive girl crush on Shakira. Oh, AND SPAIN WON THE WORLD CUP. ALA, HOMBRE.


Cherry Apple and Nutella Macarons
Adapted from Not So Humble Pie

65 grams blanched almonds
5 grams dried apples
5 grams dried cherries
75 grams powdered sugar
60 grams egg whites, room temperature and preferably aged
92 grams granulated sugar
25 grams water

Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
Fit a large pastry bag with a plain, round tip.
In a food processor, whirl together the apples and cherries.
Add the almonds and the powdered sugar and grind until very fine. Pass this mixture through a sieve until no chunks remain.
Place 30 grams of the egg whites in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a whisk attachment.
Measure out 18 grams of granulated sugar and place this near the mixer.
Place the remaining 74 grams of the granulated sugar in a small sauce pan. Add the water, swirl to moisten all of the sugar, and attach a candy thermometer to the side of the pan.
Over medium heat, cook the sugar without stirring.
When the sugar reaches 190F, begin beating the egg whites in the electric mixer on medium low speed.
When the whites are foamy, add the 18 grams of sugar and beat to soft peaks on medium speed.
When the sugar reaches 230F, turn the stand mixer up to medium high and trickle in the hot syrup, being careful not to splatter the sides of the bowl.
Beat the meringue for 5-8 minutes, until cool.
Combine the remaining 30 grams of egg whites with the almond and powdered sugar mixture, mixing until well combined.
When the meringue is cool, quickly and gently fold (do not mix!) it into the almond mixture. Use as few strokes as possible and fold only until the mixture is just uniform. The batter should flow in a thick, fat ribbon off your spatula when you hold it up, with a thick covering of the mixture remaining on the spatula.
Fill the piping bag with the batter.
Pipe circles about one inch in diameter onto the baking sheets, leaving a bit of room for them to spread slightly.
Leave the macarons to stand at room temperature for 15 minutes.
Bake at 325F for 14 minutes.
Allow to cool COMPLETELY before attempting to remove them from the parchment paper


  1. Great flavour combo, they look delicious x

  2. CUTE! these look fabulous.

  3. mmmmmmm delicious graet job